Landscape photography is a whole different kind of sport if you compare it to wildlife photography. With landscape photography there is much more time and everything is about light, composition and details.

The equipment needed is also totally different. The long tele lenses can stay at home because al you need is a wide angle lens. The wide angle lenses are often used in combination with different kinds of grey filter that are put in front of the lens. Landscape photos are often made at sunrise or sunset because that’s when the soft light occurs, but as always there are exceptions if you think differently.

My landscape pictures have been made all over the World. From the Grand canyon in the United States to the jungles of Sumatra and from the desserts of Namibia to the parks near my home in the Netherlands. You can make your landscape photo´s everywhere, even in big city´s there is alwats a nice view to be photographed. Whether it is the park, dessert or city it is an art to capture your image with the best possible composition and light.

Underneath here you will find a selection of my landscape pictures of which I think that worked out great.

3 generations at a waterfallGolden ligth and fog!Cap DramontLight and fog.Mist over a mountain in Switserland.Plaine des MauresLight on a dusty road.Dead tree during sunriseScottish sunrise.Selfie within the Speulder forestCar lights in the night.Foggy forest in SwitzerlandGeese inthe golden light.Magical sunrise.Layerd landscape during sunrise.House in Zeeland.Father and son on a magical morning.Dead trees in the fog.Magical sunrise.Autumn leaves.Tree in de snow.Golden hour in Belgium.Posbank during pink heather.Painting of light.The harbour.Lighthouse with starry skyThe couple.Sunrise at the Drakensbergen South-AfricaReflecting forestFoggy sunrise Kampina.Golden fog in FranceTree during blizzard.Abstract ice forms.Les haute fagnes, Belgium.A foggy sunrise.Magenta sunrise with fog.Alpen glowMelting icicleSunrise at Maasduinen N.P.Lauterbrunnen.Selfie from the Grebbenberg.Reflection with autumn leaf.Geese with light rays.And then there was light.Mysterious forest.Path to the light.Ice.A deserted island for yourself.Running girl in the fog.Island during sunrise.Autumn leave.Sunset at the coastCypresses in Tuscany.Silhouette of bull during sunrise.Misty landscape during sunrise.Alone in the woods.Abstract art.Fog on the Quin.The island.Bowls of grass.Woodland full of mist.The ducks.Red deer in the fog.Pink sky in the MaasduinenSunrise in Namib Naukluft national park.Cherryblossom forest.The factory.Mysterious light rays.Ducks in the mist.Golden light on foggy water.Golden hour at it peak moment.Selfie in the mist.Dead tree and bull in the mist.Walking in the clouds.Lightrays in the forest.River in BelgiumSunrise panorama.Gold.Light above the hills.Light after de Storm.Plants in the water.Cap Dramont silhouette.Upside down landscape.Golden hour panorama.Sunbeams during sunrise at the PosbankTo the moon and back.Lillypads.Waterfall through the clouds.Dead tree on foggy morning.The Rock.Floating in the mistInto the storm.Woodland panorama.Radio Kootwijk underneath the stars.Path trough the fog.Dead tree during sunrise.Snow covered tree.Island during sunrise.Tree in golden mist.Sunrise abovve haute fagnes.Little tree in big forrest.Foggy forest.Misty morning!Sun peaking through the fog.Colourful scene.Autumn colours.Selfie on old railway bridge.Foggy valley.Foggy forest.Geese in golden light.Abstract ice forms.Tuscany panorama.Dead tree in the mist.Monster fight.Windmills during sunrise.Long exposure in a storm.Tree Trees.Misty morning MaasduinenOld trees.Autumn colours and fog.Lightrays XXLThe sun.Order in Chaos.Sunrise selfie in Scotland.Flower during sunrise.River in the Ardens.Corner Cafe.Light rays in autumn forest.Looking at the tree.Epic sunrise in the fog.Snow, Sorm and SunriseSnowed trees.Snowy hills during sunrise.Autumn river.Trees in the mist.Foggy wideangle.Pano sunrise MaasduinenCypress trees.Treas in the morning sun.Cap Dramont Cote d'AzurThe boat.Misty sunrise conditions.Oisterwijkse vennen.Kinderdijk during sunrise.Mist before sunrise.Moon just before the sunrise.Lightrays.Foggy sunrise.Foggy panorama.Flowers in the fog.Spiral staircase.The leaf.Path to the light.Light beamsMysterious trees.What a view.Foggy sunriseHole in the ice.Tree at farmground.Light in autumn landscape.Misty morning.Lady in RedDucks at golden hour.Light in the forest. Winter sunriseSunbeams trough the fog.Trees in the Deadvlei of NamibiaRolling hills.Path through snowy forest.Lonely tree in the fog.Mountain in Scotland.Double exposureThe autumn painting.Purple heather before sunrise.Wide Angle on a foggy morning.Dense fog.Fog in the forest.The road through the forest.Lookout on foggy landscape.Misty hills.Boat during a storm.Tree just before sunrise.Road in the snow.Dead tree during a foggy sunriseSunrise panoramaThe mushroom.Mistig bos.The path.Tree in morning light.Ice paterns.Narrow street in the evening.Layers in the fog.Sky on fire.Dead tree on foggy morning.Living on worlds end.Dead trees within the mist.Landscape of hills during sunrise.Under a blood res sky.Beach with poles.Wide angle shot at Loch an Eilan.Dead tree on Cote d'Azur.Ducks during golden hour.Little tree in the fog.Lillypads 2.Golden lit dead tree.Birds.Lauterbrunnen Waterfall.Hiding behind the tree.Light in the forest.Leafs.Lightbeam in the Speulder forestSun in the image.Grass trough the ice.The view.Foggy sunrise.Lightray panorama.Tree in the fog.Relfections.Wine yards.Wet sand.Autumn leaves and sun beams.Wide Angle in Scotland.Shapes.Sunset in Tuscany.Path through the mist.Dead trees on an ice cold day.The sun gets out of its hideout.Lonely tree.The endless road.Lonely boat.The tree trunk.Deadvlei the other way around3 trees during sunrise.Posbank during side light.Winter landscape.Foggy sunrise.Sunlight trough the bush.Forest of light.Church in the distance.Serenity...sunrisTuscany village.The little boat.Sunrise on a foggy morning at the HatertsevennenFoggy woodland.Grasses in the ice.Licht in the darkness.The church trough the woodlands.Spotlights on.In another worldPlants in the Water.Windmilss during sunrise.Spiderweb.Stairway to heaven.Dead tree during sunrise.Sunbeams and an abandoned benchForest filled with autumn coloursGoose in the fog.Tree Trees during the golden hour.Sunbeams on a morning full of mist.Maasduinen national park during sunrise.WaterfallMinimalistic scene at the HatertsevennenRoad trough the Valley of Fire U.S.Isolated treas in the deadvlei of NamibiaMountains next to a blue lakeLonely tree in the fog.RelfectionsSunrise in NamibiaFlowering heatherSnowy trees in the fogThe horse of MarkenMysterious forest filled with fogSnowy treesFoggy sunrise on the PosbankSnwoy tree at the PosbankThe lonely fisherman.Flying birds trough the sunsetFoggy sunriseCoastal view in South AfricaHazy landscapeSunrise in monument valley, Antelope canyonDead tree during foggy sunriseView on Gibraltar from aboveRainbows at the Victoria falls in ZimbabweBorobudur, IndonesiaSunset in northern SpainSunset in DenmarkMysterious sunrise, NetherlandsLiving on the end of the worldBoulders beach South-AfricaSunrise in ScotlandOkavango delte from the sky, BotswanaSunset in Denmark
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