Workshop playing with light

Location and date : National park de Maasduinen. 24 febraury 2024

Time : 7am.

Duration : about 4 hours.

Cost : € 89,-.

Number of participants : 10.

For who is this workshop?

Do you have a passion for landscape photography and do you want to become better?

during this workshop I will take you into nature and I will share all my tips and tricks about light. I will explain the different forms of light, how to use the available light and what effect camera settings have on light. We will also look at how you can find specific types if light. My own goal is to find a good image with any given conditions. I hope that after this workshop you will be a step closer to reaching this goal also.

This workshop will take place with a group of maximal 10 people.

What do you need?

- A DSLR / Mirror less camera with exchangeable lenses is the best but other cameras can work to.
- Knowledge of basic camera settings like ISO, Shutter speed aperture and white balance.
- Full battery’s and memory cards.
- Tripod is very useful.
- Clothing that is appropriate for the predicted weather and area we are in.
- Food and drinks for during the workshop.

What does this day look like?

While enjoying a cup of coffee, tea or water, we start with some theoretical explanation of what we are going to do. Then we walk into the beautiful nature and see how we can adapt ourselves as much as possible to the conditions presented.

We start the workshop in the parking lot of the Quin. This area is truly a hidden gem when it comes to landscape and nature photography. The difference in height in the landscape allows you to play nicely with the available light. The amounts of fog and mist in this area are also often greater than in other places. So with a bit of luck we will have fantastic weather conditions.

We look for lines, colors and other elements to create beautiful compositions. We will also look at how we will use the available light in our photos. We will try to isolate subjects with telephoto lenses and look for the play between light and shadow. Sunrise is also an excellent time to work with challenging lighting conditions. At that time we can practice with HDR, bracketing or the use of any filters. At the end of the workshop you will take home a good dose of inspiration and hopefully some good photos!

Who is this workshop intended for?
The Landscape Photography workshop is suitable for both novice and experienced photographers. Together we explore the breathtaking and varied landscape of the Maasduinen national park in North Limburg. It is useful that you are good on your feet for the walk. Guido assumes that you have sufficient basic knowledge to set your aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance yourself.

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